The main source of reducing mental tension - is sex?

There is no solution to hide the sex problems, it will increase it!

Most sexual problems are mental anyway and can be easily fixed, it is better not to hide them. Know their reasons and get proper treatment, otherwise your relationship will get affected with time.

Sexual Dysfunction- worsens sex life.

Pre-mature ejaculation and penis dysfunction (erectile dysfunction) are the most common problems in men. In some people, there is also the problem of ejaculation with urin. If you have premature ejaculation while having sex, this is pre-mature ejaculation. This disease worsens sex life. Erectile dysfunction is the loss of penis (tension) in the penis at the time of libido, or the withdrawal of the penis as soon as it comes. These men fall prey to a deep inferiority complex. This thing of physical weakness is consumed by them.

I am not having an erection in the morning, it used to be earlier, what should I do?

I recently noticed that I am no longer having erections in the morning when I used to be earlier. I am 35 years old and I do not have any problem like blood pressure or diabetes. What could be the reason for this?

Will masterbating more affect health?

Doing too much masterbation can cause many sex problems and complexities and I would not recommend it at all. You should masterbate only when you feel sexually excited, do not make it a habit.

If you also have masturbation addiction, know this truth today?

Excessive masturbation of a man's life can be very harmful. The truth is that some rare teenager or adult man may have survived this wrong habit in his life. Excessive masturbation reduces penis size. And causes many disorders in the penis. Due to which the male sex life is greatly affected. It is beneficial to quit masturbation.

It is wrong to have sex before marriage?

It is wrong to have sex before marriage. Sambhog before marriage is wrong according to religion. Because of this there are many types of loss. It is right to say clearly that sex before marriage has a wrong effect on the life of both the boy and the girl. Before marriage, sex has ruined the careers of many men and girls.

Learn what is sex addiction, how to identify its symptoms

Psychologically, sex addiction is similar to smoking and alcohol addiction, in which a particular part of the brain functions. People with sex addiction also become addicted to many other sexual activities. This situation is difficult to detect. In this, a person starts liking sexual activity more than achieving sexual satisfaction. The person's attention becomes focused on the activity at the content place.

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